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The .VC domain extension is in high demand these days because it is used by Venture Capital Companies as a better way of identification.
This domain extension is being used by Virtual Companies.
Virtual Companies are organizations that uses computer and telecommunications technologies to extend its capabilities by working routinely with employees or contractors located throughout the country or the world.
Domain name application:
ASE American Stock Exchange
ASE Automotive Service Excellence
ASE Automated Software Engineering (IEEE/ACM International Conference)
ASE National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
ASE Adaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase)
ASE Alliance to Save Energy (Washington, DC)
ASE Adverse Side Effect
ASE Advanced Studies in England (UK)
ASE Association for Science Education (UK)
ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission
ASE Aide Sociale à l'Enfance (French: Child Welfare)
ASE American Society of Echocardiography
ASE Accommodation Search Engine
ASE Adobe Swatch Exchange (software)
ASE Athens Stock Exchange (Greece)
ASE Accredited Systems Engineer
ASE Automotive Service Equipment
ASE All Seeing Eye (software product)
ASE Adult Secondary Education
ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emissions
ASE Adaptive Server Enterprise
ASE anti Spyware Enterprise
ASE Active Scripting Engine
ASE Autocad Sql Extension
ASE Application Specific Extension
ASE Asian System Environment
ASE Applications Service Element
ASE anti Spam Engine
ASE Academic Self-Efficacy
ASE Association of Space Explorers
ASE Association for Surgical Education
ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment
ASE Application Service Element
ASE Agence Spatiale Européenne (French: European Space Agency; est. 1975)
ASE Advanced Safety Electronics
ASE Alberta Stock Exchange
ASE Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment
ASE Annual Student Exhibition (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)
ASE Advanced Software Engineering (Sprint - Group)
ASE American Silver Eagle (coin collecting)
ASE Amalgamated Society of Engineers
ASE American Society of Employers
ASE Association-Control Service Element (IBM)
ASE Australian Securities Exchange
ASE Alternative Search Engine
ASE Aviation Support Equipment Technician Electrical (US Navy)
ASE Aero Systems Engineering
ASE Association Suisse des Electriciens (French: Swiss Association of Electricians; Switzerland; est. 1889)
ASE Airborne Support Equipment
ASE Agenzia Spaziale Europea (European Space Agency)
ASE Australian Screen Editors
ASE Altimetry System Error
ASE Armed Services Edition (Council on Books in Wartime)
ASE Actively Seeking Employment
ASE Automated Stabilization Equipment (US DoD)
ASE Automotive Software Engineering
ASE Accelerated Solution Environment
ASE Analysis Service Element (Visual Uptime)
ASE American Society of Embalmers
ASE Aeroservoelasticity
ASE Automatic Stabilization Equipment
ASE Aladdin Smartcard Environment
ASE Active Storage Element
ASE Aspen, CO, USA - Pitkin County Airport Sardy Field (Airport Code)
ASE Air Interface Speech Equivalent (wireless communication)
ASE Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering
ASE Academic Skills Enhancement (various schools)
ASE Account Support Engineer
ASE Advanced Server Edition (Novell)
ASE Aromatic Stabilization Energy
ASE Alternative Scarborough Education (Scarborough Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ASE Amicale Sportive d'Evry (French sports association; Evry, France)
ASE Allowable Steering Error
ASE Alliance Sud Expertise
ASE Aircraft Survival Equipment
ASE Air Support Element
ASE Aviation Support Element
ASE Automotive Stirling Engine
ASE Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (US Navy enlisted rating)
ASE Alkali Soluble Emulsion
ASE Aviation Survivability Equipment
ASE Agatston Score Equivalent
ASE Autonomous Spacecraft Experiment
ASE American Sewing Expo
ASE Aviation Safety Engineer (FAA)
ASE Automatic Support Equipment
ASE Armament Support Equipment
ASE Aerospace Support Equipment
ASE Active Server Enterprise (Sybase)
ASE Airborne Search Equipment
ASE Air Sea Experiment
ASE Automation Software for Engineers
ASE Active Systems Exploitation/ATD
ASE Automotive Safety and Energy (China State Laboratory)
ASE National Air Space System Engineering Service (FAA)
ASE AC Shaker Electronics
ASE Assistant Supervisor of Elections
ASE Army Support Element
ASE Airborne Support Environment
ASE Aeronautical Source Environment
ASE (USN Rating) Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Electrical)
ASE Administrative Support Equipment
ASE Advanced Sensor Exploitation/Exploration
ASE Antenna System Echo
ASE Average Sampling Error
ASE Advance Systems Engineering
ASE Ada-based Software Engineering (Arcadia software)
ASE Auxiliary Stabilization Extension
ASE All Source Extended
ASE Alternative Sheltered Employment
ASE Agenzia per Soluzioni Elettroniche (Italian: Agency for Electronic Solutions)
ASE Antistreptococcal Esterase
ASE American Street Edge (martial arts studio; Springfield, MO)

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